Why Yiwu Market?

Yiwu Market is the world’s largest small commodities wholesale market.

  • 6.4 million square meters
  • 75,000+ booths
  • 100,000+ vendors
  • 2.1 million kinds of products
  • 210,000 daily visitors
  • Open 24/7/365
  • Small orders friendly
  • Mixed order is accepted

Yiwu Market Sourcing Agent

Yiwu International Trade City (aka. Yiwu Market) is located in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province. Yiwu Market occupies an area of 6.4 million square meters with 75,000 booths inside. There are 100,000 suppliers in this market who show about 2.1 million different kinds of products. More than 15,000 overseas merchants from more than 100 countries are stationed at Yiwu. 65 percent of these products are exported to 210 different countries across the global.

I know a lot of people buys from the Yiwu Market, if you are planning a visit to Yiwu, we can be your sourcing agent. We can help you booking a hotel, picking you up at Yiwu Airport or train station. We can also be your translator, helping you negotiating prices, settling the payment and shipping the products back to your home.

After you’ve made a product selection and decided the quantity of your purchase, we coordinate the procurement process and makes sure that all the cargo is collected in one single shipment. This is especially important when buying from multiple suppliers since several small shipments can cost a lot more than one large shipment.

Apart from that, we can also ensure that the wholesalers provide you with the right products and in the right quantity. This is not as obvious as it might seem to certain Chinese wholesalers.

Most Yiwu agents work on a commission rate, we do. We charge a percentage based on the order value. This usually ranges from 5 to 10%, depending on your order value. For natural reasons, the commission as a percentage is smaller the more you buy.

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